Wednesday, November 19, 2008


what the hell dad??
where are you?

you didnt tell me where you were going..
you didnt tell me why you are leaving..
you didnt even tell me the reason why u want to leave..!

at least bring your phone with you so i can call..
so we know where you are, what happened and everything.
but no! you left you phone at home..
i dont know purposely or accidentally??

im not a very good kid after all..
but heyy,, at least i care!!
i care about you.. i care about my brothers.. and i care about your wife,, my mum!!
but why did you leave without telling us? arent we your family?

i dont care what you have out there..
what you are doing or who you are seeing..!

you dont know how much we care about you.
rere,, he's still 11 but he is worried.. he cant stop asking me..
"san, ayah mana ya?" he cant stop looking out the windows and i know..
he's hoping its you car coming home..

and guess what,, i am staying up until you're coming home..
mum is working her ass off.. doing her work and try not to look as if she's worried..
but deep inside,, i know what shes thinking. i know she cares about you and i know she wants you home!! she kept on asking me "ani, ayah ko belom pulang? dia pergi bilang ga ke kamu? kemana yaa? ko hapenya di tinggal sih?!"

usually before you go, you sms me.. "ani, ayah pergi dulu makan. take care. love~ayah"
but where are you now? where are you text messages?? why arent you calling me dad??

wherever you are
whatever you are doing right now..
just please.. i beg you! COME HOME..!


m u t i i a said...

what happen with your father?

it's so sad when i read your post..

i hope it will get better..

Sanii said...

hhe dia pergi ga bilang2 mutt.
baru baliik..
ada2 aja si babeh emg. zzz

sekar niti wijayanti said...

bokap lw kenapa ??
gw nangis dul..kangen bokap gw.

Sanii said...

hhehe aduuhh sayang maap.
bokapp gw pergii.. tapi kocakk ceritanyaa..