Tuesday, February 3, 2009

things most guys dont know about..

  1. I hate it, absolutely HATE IT when guys don't keep their promises.. It just throws me over the top- seriously!
  2. I find it ATTRACTIVE when guys wear just a t-shirt and jeans and yet they happen to look awesome in it!
  3. I go crazy when a guy smells good =)) *yum
  4. I love it when guys hold my hand in public
  5. I think your collection of porn is pathetic and immature
  6. I love it when you make me laugh, but knowing that I CAN MAKE YOU LAUGH is the best feeling in the world
  7. I HATE guys with bad hygiene. So put on that deodorant and clip those nails!
  8. Please don't play video games while you're with me - its disturbing!
  9. Of course, i think about you all the time. Even when im extremely upset with you, I STILL EXPECT YOU TO CALL
  10. I really think guitarists are sexy
  11. Anything you say or do with another girl that YOU DONT WANT ME TO KNOW ABOUT is considered CHEATING!
  12. I HAVE CRIED OVER YOU a lot more than you think
  13. I HATE guys who smell bad
  14. When I cry, don't ask me to stop. I need to know you're there for me - hug me and let me cry all over your shoulder
  15. I ABSOLUTELY hate players
  16. STOP acting so smart!
  17. SORRY! But I might leave you for 'Channing Tatum'
  18. I like kisses on forehead
  19. I remember everything! So dont try to act stupid ;p
  20. DONT use kisses as an apology!! I still hate you afterwards


Ayam Sayur said...

"DONT use kisses as an apology!! I still hate you afterwards"
How about sent a flowers?

Sanii said...

sayangnyaa blm prnh gw marah d ksh bungaa dik.. jdi gw g tau jwbnnya.. =))