Wednesday, October 22, 2008


last night was the DANCING NIGHT. it was a full on party - everyone dresed up, make up on, dancing around, DJ with his musiiic shaking disks. everyone looked GORGEOUS and HANDSOME! [kmrn malem adlh hari JOGETT! bener2 pesta - yang cewe pake dress yang cowo pake kemejaa, dancing aroung, ada DJ sama musik aduhaiinya. semuanya CANTIK GANTENG abeees]

it was the day of our farewell.. it was fefinately a GOODBYE..! it was the last dinner dancing we had together as a gorup. pretty sure i'll miss that! EVERYONE hugs.. [kmrn adalah hari perpisahan kita. bener2 selamat tinggal..! kmrn adalah hari trkhr kita makan mlm, joget bareeng seangkatan. semuanya peluk2an]

it started with "omg.. u looked nice" "heyy,, ur pretty!" "dude,, lets go dance" bla bla blaaa...

and ended with "i love youu.." "i will miss you" [dimulai dengan "omg u looked nice//heyy ur pretty//dude lets go dance//blablablaa.. dan di akhiri dengan "i love you//i will miss you"]

it was a fun night. sad at the same time.
theres one thing i know for sure "I WILL MISS YOU GUYS!!"
[malem itu asik banget. tp sedihh juga. satu hal yang gw tawu pasti.. gw bakal kangen sama mereka]

klik on the picture please =)
from left to right: mark, me, cindy, steven, budd, alvin, pav, jahmel,migz,martin,rory,breandan,mahesh

me and chris tran - si mantan uhui

dance together YO

MY LOVE! me, reyca, charlotte

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