Monday, March 16, 2009



its been a week..
i really really miss you!

mum says u've been fine but i want you back here.

i wore your 'ermenegildo zegna' top to uni, eventho' its way too big for me

i learnt alot from my CAD classes..

and i got an 'A' for my hand drawing project

i started driving to uni by my self, eventho' i miss you driving me around..!

i carry a photo of us in my wallet

i even go to work by myself, I MISS YOU BIG TIME!

i try not to cry everytime i go to bed..

i miss you kissing me goodnight.

where have you been dad?

i want you back SOON.. i really do..

i got my new mac book pro, but i will be more happy if u were here..

I LOVE YOU zillion times.
i miss you.

you are the greatest out of all..
please, i need you!

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