Friday, August 29, 2008


[bila,, bhs indonya ntar yah sayang]

i havent been well these very few days.

i feel like crap!!

a few days ago i had a big argument with my mum and i felt like crying.
i hate arguing with her, because i know ill feel bad afterwards.
but this time i knew i was right and i wasnt going to back off.

yesterday i was crying my ass off.
i thought i lost my artfile. i knew i left it somewhere but
i couldnt remember where.
i had this horrible feelings because it is due nextweek for "exhibition"
yess! we have an exhibition coming up in our school.

i finally found my artfile.
i had to go all the way to freo by myself.
i didnt really care because my artfile is my everything at the moment.

and and and,,, my dad is coming home 2moro with my casio DBC-610.

everyone loves a happy ending,
and i do too!

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